17 tips for holidays in a tent or caravan

Campers are confronted with a lot of rules, but whoever heeded some tips, but can still have fun.
In the contact as well as in the life of the own camping instinct fingertip feeling is appropriate.
Many like erotic adventures on vacation – who wants to have fun, but should think of the clairaudience of tents.

The camping neighbor

“One should make on campsites no acquaintances!” Who plans a tent vacation, can not ignore Loriot and his warning of campers, who are often merciless egoists or obtrusive right-wingers. To visit in his sketch “The Cossack Summit”, in which the married couple Hoppenstedt and Pröhl, who have met at the campsite in Klagenfurt, because of the inaccurate division of a sweet dish hapless.

Loriot’s protagonists are exemplary for the special audience that can be found on every campsite: bivouac adventurers, regular caravan owners, merciless chatterboxes, peace seekers, Vorzeltfetischisten, RV showers, permanent campers, Dauergriller, freedom loving nudists – there clash interests, likes, dislikes on narrowest Space on each other.

And if you’re unlucky, the direct neighbor is just a picture-perfect philistine like Mr. Hoppenstedt, who can be very uncomfortable when foreign tent pegs are pushed on “his” territory in the ground or you steal the lemon cream balls from the plate. A tact in the contact as well as in the realization of your own camping drive is therefore appropriate.


In the tent

You carry the nomadic gene in yourself, are spontaneous, uncomplicated, undemanding and want to stay as close to nature as possible? Then you are the born Zelturlauber. They love the freedom, like to strap on their backpack, sleeping bag, camping stove and “fabric villa” on their backs and build their tent up and down somewhere, the main thing is the landscape is beautiful.

Rainy weather and insects are not a problem – sounds great when the drops patter on the tent wall, does not matter if it rains, it’s only natural if ants or ear creepers walk into the open tent. Or not? Then you should switch to more solid domiciles.

In the caravan

The caravan owner is often an enlightened tent vacationer, the constant rain and ants have at some point on the pointer gone. He appreciates his “house on the hook” because it is waterproof and comfortable (with fitted kitchen, double bed and shower).

He likes to book in advance his fixed pitch, which is certainly not a simple meadow, but a top facility with all harassment, from the supermarket to the swimming pool to the cable connection for five dozen TV channels. A hotel is still out of the question for a caravan fan – that would run counter to his desire for freedom.

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