The use of unconscious vehicles is driving the winter, but it also causes traffic problems to increase. Adding snow and ice to it also makes it unbearable.
Drivers who do not take security precautions are unaware that they are putting their lives and their lives at risk. However, safe driving is inevitable when necessary precautions are taken. In this article, we share important information about how to drive on snowy and icy roads.
Do not forget that these measures will help protect your and your loved ones’ lives.

Tire Selection

Absolutely winter tires should be used. Summer tires should be preferred when the day-night air temperature average is above + 7 ° C, while winter tires should be preferred when the night-time air temperature average is below + 7 ° C. Winter tires shorten the braking distance while preventing the vehicle from slipping and slipping. In addition, tires should be checked daily and inflated for increased slippery weather. Tires whose outer depth is less than 3 mm must be replaced.


In the winter, turning the cold engine requires more energy, so the task load increases. If you check your battery before entering the winter, if the charge is diminished, you will not compare it with the risk that your car will not work if you charge it and clean the poles.
Glass and Windshield Wipers
Keep your windows clean for good visibility and check if the wipers are working. Renew your non-functioning wipers. Do not forget to keep enough windshield wiper water. You will put glass juice in the storage, while less detergent and spirits will prevent freezing and will also provide good cleaning of the windows. Also, you should never rinse the hot water or rub it with snow because this may cause the glass to crack. You can destroy the glass more quickly by running the air conditioner.


Make sure they work by checking all the lamps. Due to icing, the lighting performance of the headlamps and taillights is reduced, so keep the whole lamp clean. When you are low on your vision, you are close to your headlights.


Do not go out on roads with low fuel for possible long waits in traffic and stay on the road. Add a bottle of antifreeze to your depot to prevent the fuel system from freezing once a month. If the fuel tank is more than half full, it will prevent freezing in the pipes.
Engine maintenance is more important in winter. An engine that does not work well may not work in winter. For this reason, you should have a good servicing of your engine. It is also necessary to change engine oil and oil filter for a certain period of time. You will benefit from doing oil change without entering the winter.

Car Wear

Wearing coats, berets and gloves while driving will disturb your driving safety. Once inside your car will warm up and you will be able to drive comfortably from your thick clothes. Also, if you clean up the snow on your car without getting in the car, the snow will evaporate inside and prevent you from blocking your view. Remember to also check your car air conditioning, vehicle filter and brakes before use.

Things to Watch While Driving

The precautions we need to take before driving are listed above. Apart from this, the precautions to be taken while driving are of great importance in safe driving.
• Comfortable driving on snowy and icy roads is the first step in safe driving. I mean, you should not use the gas, the brake and the steering wheel hard and do not over-speed.
• It is very important to keep track distance long as it can be braked longer on snowy and icy roads.
• Whether the car is slipping or not, you have to turn the steering wheel in front of the car without panicking, and after turning on the car you have to turn the steering to the direction you want to go.
• Trying to drive on the slippery, snowy road ahead of the vehicle, and using a large gear when climbing and a small gear when climbing down will be a great deal of convenience for you.

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