About cars with the least fuel consumption.

About cars with the least fuel consumption

The economic cycle is how much fuel consumption increases in the city, we all live and see people in the limelight, and in the face of such internal and external use, people are now looking at diesel cars that burn less than comfort and safety features. Why do you know that people who do not want to deal with gasoline with LPG anymore do not have gasoline, do not have gas, etc. I do not know the gas.

In 2017, I tried to put together the least diesel vehicles for you. In this article, only the fuel consumption is taken as an article. According to the article, it was prepared according to the article. One of the things that caught my attention was the recent turbocharged engines that are rapidly progressing. I wanted to say in advance that you should not be surprised to see familiar luxury brands such as AUDI, VOLVO, BMW, MERCEDES.

#1 208 1.6 BlueHDi STOP&START (100 hp)

With 208 automatic gearboxes with a choice of 1.6 diesel engines produced between 2017 and 2018, it succeeds in taking the lead in the first place. Moreover, the small car that captures such low data with 1600 cc engine volume seems to satisfy the users in the city. Our vehicle is a super economical vehicle with an average fuel consumption value of 3.1lt / 100km and a very successful value of $ 14 per km.

#2 New 1.3 lt. CDTI Ecotec Easytronic

Opel CORSA was the smallest and most economical car I have ever been able to take second place in our CORSA list, which was put on the market with EASYTRONIC gear from 2015-2017. If the factory will look at the fuel consumption values, the CORSA meets the expectation of diesel users with a superb value of 3.2 / 100km. This highway car with fuel consumption of about $ 15 per km is one of the German tanks to consider as a low-burning diesel vehicle.

#3 CİTROEN C3 1.4 (70 hp)

The CITROEN C3 diesel automatic model, produced between 2011 and 2014, follows the French sibling of # 1 French, producing such low consumption vehicles in terms of fuel consumption makes it one of the models held in our country. When we look at the average fuel consumption of C3, A low consumption value like $ le is among the preferred models.

#4 PEUGEOT 208 1.4 E-HDi Start-Stop Auto5R (68 hp)

The French are insistent on not leaving the leadership, and like their siblings in # 3, the 208 French with a choice of 1400 cc diesel engines once again show how much they mean about fuel consumption, with an average fuel consumption of 208 km at $ 16 with a value of 3.4 / 100km again does not compromise on French pintilism.

#5 VOLVO V40 1.6 D2 (115 hp)

At the beginning of the production, I have mentioned that the luxury car makers are now confronted with economic engine options. VOLVO V40, which is the first among these models, consumes a small value of 16kr in km with 3.4 / 100 km average fuel consumption with 1600 cc size motor. giving.


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